In this video I compare the Mifi from Novatel with the Fonera 2.0n. Bottom line is this. If all you want is to convert 3G to WiFi get a Mifi. But if you want a router that can do both ethernet and 3G as internet sources, that can upload videos to Youtube on its own, download torrents on its own, give you free roaming to 650,000 other routers, and allow you to make money, that is n and works with many mobile operators Get a Fonera 2.0n. Also 3G plays a great role in a Fonera in case your ADSL breaks down.

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Sebastian Diaz De Falco on September 29, 2009  · 

Martin! la Fonera 2.0 es mucho mas linda respecto de su hermana menor (y me refiero a la fonera anterior)
Mis felicitaciones, otra vez!

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Pat Phelan on September 29, 2009  · 

One huge difference
One has a power lead, one doesn’t
Mifi is portable

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Martin Varsavsky on September 29, 2009  · 

Indeed Pat. The Fonera 2.0n is more for cars than to walk around with. But in a car the Fonera has the advantage of being n (picnics) and that works with many operators while the Mifi only with the one who sold it to you.

Michal on September 29, 2009  · 

Martin, correct Novatel Wireless website is is another company, they produce professional GPS equipment.

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