When I first bought my farm in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, in the late 80s, this place was a fishing/farming village with around 40 homes. Now it´s grown to 400 homes. Jose Ignacio is still pretty undeveloped by Northern Hemisphere standards, but the few who come here seem to be pretty successful people from Europe and the States.

My next door neighbor is Michael Eisner, Ralph Lauren is nearby, somebody told me that Martin Amis was also here. Not long ago nobody who did not speak Spanish would come here. Ok, maybe some Brazilians, but that was it.

Personally, it´s not that i am so happy that Jose Ignacio has began to attract global personalities, as for me it used to be my hideaway, but it is still newsworthy to me how this mostly uneventful town can become such a global magnet. Indeed, sites like A Small World are buzzing with parties in Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este.

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