People are not absolutely rich, absolutely middle class, or absolutely poor. A person who makes 1000 euros a month is poor in Europe and well off in Brasil. Now add financial crisis to the euro at $1.5 and while I can´t gurantee you that you will be rich in Miami I assure you you will definitely be richer in Miami than wherever you are from Europe. Prices in Miami are insanely low for European standards. Let´s say you are a young graduate in a relationship and you managed to save 6000 euros and so has your boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to take time off or can´t find a job. Well with 12,000 euros a couple could come to Miami and live for half a year tickets included. I will give you an example. Even though we rent a car for 28 euros per day we love to go around in a scooter. And in Miami you can buy a NEW scooter for 650 euros. And because gas costs half of what it costs in Europe you can go anywhere around South Beach in this scooter for 60c per day which is what we do. We prefer the scooter to the car. Restaurants are in such competition that if you walk on Lincoln Road you are bombarded with offers to eat a good meal for 10 euros per person. Apartments are in great supply that you can rent one for say 6 months for 3000 euros. And on top of this you are in Miami. These days every day is a high of 31C and low of 23C, perfect beach weather. People are nice and fun, and even though they are going through the worst crisis in their lifetime, they don´t show it.

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