Still on a wonderful family vacation in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay I find out that Meraki has raised 20 million dollars to build a WiFi network with a Fon like system in San Francisco.  Meraki is imitating the Fon model with a twist and that is adding a repeater or meshing function that came out of MIT for its wifi stations.  At Fon we also have had a meshing function for a while but we see difficulty in extending meshing in developed countries (meshing is good where availability of connections is low).  Meshing is opposed by our partners, the telcos because one person buys a connection and many use it for free while at Fon the principle is that if you pay for your connection and donate you roam the world for free, but not that you do that if you don´t donate.  Fon is in any case very active in San Francisco and we have many Fonspots everywhere and what makes sense to me is that Fon and Meraki find a way to roam and collaborate.

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