Last night I had dinner with Louise Blouin Macbain, a very smart and attractive entrepreneur who founded LTB Holding, her venture in the art publishing world. During dinner we had a chance to talk about the many projects she is working on.

LTB promotes culture and art with 20 magazines, several annual publications and books, providing information to collectors, educators and academics. It also has a strong presence on the Web: offers breaking news, profiles of artists, collectors, galleries, market trends and analysis. They recently launched, an online network for artists, galleries, collectors and art enthusiasts who join to chat, exhibit their work and share ideas with like-minded people.

Louise also launched the Louise T Blouin Foundation, a not for profit group working across the world to promote culture and creativity, investing in cultural exchange projects, research initiatives and multi ethnic art projects.

The Foundation also organizes the Global Creative Leadership Summit which brings together the most influential thought-leaders in business, technology, government, science and the arts to share ideas and best practices and form new partnerships for concrete problem solving on global issues.

Overall and impressive list of projects for this very talented woman.

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