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A year ago my friend Loic Le Meur already had 5000 friends in Facebook and was complaining that he maxed out. Indeed at the Monaco Media Forum he asked Owen who since then left Facebook why wasn´t he able to export his friends into another more “friendly” platform. At that time I considered Loic´s complaints absurd but now I am realizing that there was something to what he was saying. My efforts to filter people in Facebook are failing miserably. First I only accepted people I knew. Then I started accepting people I did not know but with whom I had many friends in common and in this way I got to hundreds of friends. Then a waiting list started accumulating of people wanting to be my friends and yesterday I declared Facebook bankruptcy and accepted everyone who was on that list and got to 1220 friends. But in a few hours I had many more requests. I guess for a blogger Facebook is another self expression platform like Twitter and less a friendship management tool. For many the only difference is that Facebook has helped move the personal stuff away from the work email platform. You manage your work in your account and your private life in Facebook that is like a complex email with all sort of messaging choices. But as I meet with Mark Zuckerberg next Monday for the Madrid Facebook Developer garage that I am hosting for him I plan to bring this up. I know he and the other Facebook managers know FB better than all of us put together but what I am beginning to miss in Facebook is better search. Facebook now for me is like a conference. It´s fun but I want to know where my close friends are and hang out with them. I want more signal and less noise. Facebook tries to give me less noise. But it should try harder.

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