When two good friends of yours put on a show and is good, it’s worth publishing. Anil created Mobuzz out of a tiny studio in Madrid but he got over 4 million downloads last month. This is the story of how Mobuzz is produced.

Personally after having invested in Vpod, Joost, Sevenload I think that now what’s needed is content that is suitable for the internet. Mobuzz is of Youtube duration but of broadcast quality. And it’s fun!

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perell on April 24, 2007  · 

Hi Martin,

I’m from Barcelona (hope one day will got a real transoceanic airport).
I wonder if Madrid is starting to/will become a significant cluster of small, very innovative start ups, commanded by young worldwide entrepreneurs. This town is an appropiate place to generate and deliver contents onto both the spanish and the english communities. I’m looking now at a linguistic world map watching how well is placed Madrid, right in the middle, blah, blah
Nice, good job!


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