When I bought my Lexus RX400 in Spain in 2005, I thought that I would pay a high price for a car but both help the environment and save on maintenance and gas. After all, I was getting a hybrid, a car that is both an electric and gasoline car. But after some years of ownership, I have come to the conclusion that hybrids are neither so environmental nor economical. As for gasoline consumption, my Lexus uses 14 liters every 100 km. That is more liters than my other car, an Audi Q7 3.0 TDI albeit a diesel. And in terms of overall economy, whatever you supposedly save on gas you spend on service. Lexus has a super expensive service program because of some parts that must be replaced related to the way the car recharges the car batteries when braking. My calculation is that each km that you do in a Lexus costs 10c in terms of service costs alone.


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