Following a tip from one of my readers (thanks Daniel!) I just got Apple’s Os X Leopard running on my Lenovo PC laptop, that same laptop that first got me into Ubuntu and then Mac, after it suffered a major crash while it was running Windows.

Now thanks to the fact that new Apple computers are based on Intel hardware I was able to install Os X on my Lenovo, which has the same CoreDuo cpu as my MacBook. If you have the right hardware you can try to do the same following the (quite) simple steps you can find in this useful post. The process consists in downloading a disk image, burning it to a DVD, making sure to follow the steps in the readme file before proceding with the installation.

The only things which are not working on this LenovoMac are WiFi, the integrated webcam and the Sleep function. A part from these issues this new Mac has been running fast and stable so far. The WiFi issue is clearly bad for me as CEO of Fon but I am sure I will be able to fix it.

What I wonder is why are there no more people turning PCs into MACs.


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