I am in Helsinki at the Bio Rex theatre attending Aula. At Aula, you can find an extremely diverse group of people whose only common characteristic seems to be that they are highly creative and intelligent in whatever they do. There´s Joi Ito, the famous blogger, World of Warcraft guild manager, VC, entrepreneur, ICANN board member and on top of all that fonero leader of Japan. Also Clay Shirky, an extremely talented professor from NYU who coined the phrase social software, Alastair Curtis, Nokia’s Head of Design, a great saxophonist like Jukka Perko and Marko Ahtisaari, founder of Aula, Nokia executive and fonero leader in Finland.

It is at Aula that a few hours ago I launched Fon in Finland, the home of Nokia. Considering that 3G is the staple of Finland it was great to see how everyone, including many Nokia executives, loved Fon and said they would become foneros themselves. To accompany the launch if you visit Fon, now you will see that we have the 5 euro offer for the routers, but only for people who live in Finland (sorry!).

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