Today we are announcing the launch of the first Fonera 2.0 Beta DEVELOPERS ONLY Edition in our French, German and Spanish online shops. It is a limited edition of 1K units at a reduced special price
of Euros 39.95 (VAT included). This first Edition of Foneras 2.0 is intended for Developers to be able to start playing around with and programming their own applications for other Foneros out there. It comes with a firmware that has the Basic USB functions implemented so Developers can use that to create attractive apps with multiple USB devices attached to it.

Fonera 2.0 Beta DEVELOPERS ONLY Edition works just like a Fonera+ in terms of the WiFi and FON Community Feature and shares the same housing as Fonera+ with an extra LED (USB). The big difference is the USB 2.0 Port that allows several USB devices to be plugged into the router. Devices
like USB Hard Disks, USB Printers, USB Scanners, USB Webcams and many others that will slowly be added to the USB Supported Devices list for Fonera 2.0. New USB 2.0 devices perform best on this unit but some legacy USB 1.1 may not work well. We suggest you always use a USB 2.0 HUB so you can plug in several devices in order to get the best performance and connectivity with Fonera 2.0 Beta.

I know that the markets suck right now and everyone is feeling depressed so here it is, la Fonera+ that allows you to hack your dreams away for only 39.95 euros (sorry for that 95 cent thing) let´s say 40 euros, still a good price. And if you come up with a cool app for the Fonera 2.0 write to me and I will personally send you a refund for the Fonera. And just in case you are coming to the Facebook Garage in Madrid with Mark Zuckerberg that Fon is hosting next Monday we will be showcasing it there as well.

Fonera 2.0 Beta latest firmware comes with the following USB Beta Applications:
1. File Sharing: using the Fonera 2.0 Beta GUI
2. Printer Server: for USB printers to be shared as a Network Printer
3. Scanner Server: for USB Scanners also to be shared
4. USB Webcam: you can see your USB Webcam from any computer connected wired or wirelessly to the Fonera 2.0 Beta (only some chipsets supported)
5. Plug In Interface: this is were new apps will be able to be loaded just with one click

We recommend the use of a Powered USB 2.0 HUB to use most USB devices even if some devices may not need it. The latest Development firmware will be published on our web so you can reflash (with cable) your Fonera 2.0 Beta and add the last features to it.

The GUI on this version is very simple and tekkie so we are working on a much more user friendly version with a whole new User Interface that is more intuitive and will be the default in the Final version.

For the development of the first Fonera 2.0 Applications, hardware and middleware we have had workshops with several Open Source Communities, specially with our long time friends from OpenWRT, so we were able to deliver not just another Fonera but a flexible and usable device for many worldwide communities spread around the globe that need more common and affordable hardware to develop their ideas and applications working from very distant places. This has been a great experience to
us and probably the coolest thing about it is that we have done a device that all of us WANT for our own homes!

We have been working on the final Fonosfera framework for all communities to Join in on new developments, it is not online yet but we did not want to delay the launch of this Fonera 2.0 Beta DEVELOPMENTS ONLY Edition because we know many communities and Foneros are waiting to
start play around with the hardware and firmware.

There are the various Application Development Groups that Communities and/or our inhouse teams have started to work on, if you are a Developer and want to join any of them or even create your own new one please email us to :

1. Finder for Fonera 2.0: App that will allow you to navigate thru the USB Hard Disc on the Fonera 2.0 from any Mac/Windows computer.
2. GSpace for Fonera 2.0: App that will synchronize GSpace 2Gb data with your Fonera 2.0 USB Disk GSpace Folder (
3. Backup Application: Auto-Backup application with MAC/Windows/Linux client that will automatically incremental backups of your notebook when you get connected to Fonera 2.0
4. Azureus Client: App that will allow you to manage your BitTorrents from your Fonera 2.0
5. UMTS Modem Support: App that will allow you to use a USB HSDPA modem to connect to the Internet and then send WiFi for your devices to connect to it. Ideal for Nintendo and PSP addicts!
6. YouTube uploading tool: Get your video into the USB HDD on your Fonera 2.0 and close your computer, all the long uploading will be done by this App on Fonera 2.0 and you save power!
7. USB Audio Support: App that will allow you to add a small USB Audio Card dongle and stream your music from your Fonera 2.0 to your HiFi.

And the cool thing about it is that we are doing all this thinking on new Fonera 2.0 hardwares that will come with 11n, but that will still take us some more time. As you can see this is just the beginning of a great toy that we are making together with you guys, let´s have FUN!

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