Today we are announcing the launch of the first Fonera 2.0 Beta DEVELOPERS ONLY Edition in our French, German and Spanish online shops. It is a limited edition of 1K units at a reduced special price
of Euros 39.95 (VAT included). This first Edition of Foneras 2.0 is intended for Developers to be able to start playing around with and programming their own applications for other Foneros out there. It comes with a firmware that has the Basic USB functions implemented so Developers can use that to create attractive apps with multiple USB devices attached to it.

Fonera 2.0 Beta DEVELOPERS ONLY Edition works just like a Fonera+ in terms of the WiFi and FON Community Feature and shares the same housing as Fonera+ with an extra LED (USB). The big difference is the USB 2.0 Port that allows several USB devices to be plugged into the router. Devices
like USB Hard Disks, USB Printers, USB Scanners, USB Webcams and many others that will slowly be added to the USB Supported Devices list for Fonera 2.0. New USB 2.0 devices perform best on this unit but some legacy USB 1.1 may not work well. We suggest you always use a USB 2.0 HUB so you can plug in several devices in order to get the best performance and connectivity with Fonera 2.0 Beta.

I know that the markets suck right now and everyone is feeling depressed so here it is, la Fonera+ that allows you to hack your dreams away for only 39.95 euros (sorry for that 95 cent thing) let´s say 40 euros, still a good price. And if you come up with a cool app for the Fonera 2.0 write to me and I will personally send you a refund for the Fonera. And just in case you are coming to the Facebook Garage in Madrid with Mark Zuckerberg that Fon is hosting next Monday we will be showcasing it there as well.

Fonera 2.0 Beta latest firmware comes with the following USB Beta Applications:
1. File Sharing: using the Fonera 2.0 Beta GUI
2. Printer Server: for USB printers to be shared as a Network Printer
3. Scanner Server: for USB Scanners also to be shared
4. USB Webcam: you can see your USB Webcam from any computer connected wired or wirelessly to the Fonera 2.0 Beta (only some chipsets supported)
5. Plug In Interface: this is were new apps will be able to be loaded just with one click

We recommend the use of a Powered USB 2.0 HUB to use most USB devices even if some devices may not need it. The latest Development firmware will be published on our web so you can reflash (with cable) your Fonera 2.0 Beta and add the last features to it.

The GUI on this version is very simple and tekkie so we are working on a much more user friendly version with a whole new User Interface that is more intuitive and will be the default in the Final version.

For the development of the first Fonera 2.0 Applications, hardware and middleware we have had workshops with several Open Source Communities, specially with our long time friends from OpenWRT, so we were able to deliver not just another Fonera but a flexible and usable device for many worldwide communities spread around the globe that need more common and affordable hardware to develop their ideas and applications working from very distant places. This has been a great experience to
us and probably the coolest thing about it is that we have done a device that all of us WANT for our own homes!

We have been working on the final Fonosfera framework for all communities to Join in on new developments, it is not online yet but we did not want to delay the launch of this Fonera 2.0 Beta DEVELOPMENTS ONLY Edition because we know many communities and Foneros are waiting to
start play around with the hardware and firmware.

There are the various Application Development Groups that Communities and/or our inhouse teams have started to work on, if you are a Developer and want to join any of them or even create your own new one please email us to :

1. Finder for Fonera 2.0: App that will allow you to navigate thru the USB Hard Disc on the Fonera 2.0 from any Mac/Windows computer.
2. GSpace for Fonera 2.0: App that will synchronize GSpace 2Gb data with your Fonera 2.0 USB Disk GSpace Folder (
3. Backup Application: Auto-Backup application with MAC/Windows/Linux client that will automatically incremental backups of your notebook when you get connected to Fonera 2.0
4. Azureus Client: App that will allow you to manage your BitTorrents from your Fonera 2.0
5. UMTS Modem Support: App that will allow you to use a USB HSDPA modem to connect to the Internet and then send WiFi for your devices to connect to it. Ideal for Nintendo and PSP addicts!
6. YouTube uploading tool: Get your video into the USB HDD on your Fonera 2.0 and close your computer, all the long uploading will be done by this App on Fonera 2.0 and you save power!
7. USB Audio Support: App that will allow you to add a small USB Audio Card dongle and stream your music from your Fonera 2.0 to your HiFi.

And the cool thing about it is that we are doing all this thinking on new Fonera 2.0 hardwares that will come with 11n, but that will still take us some more time. As you can see this is just the beginning of a great toy that we are making together with you guys, let´s have FUN!

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RHarmsen on October 10, 2008  · 

To bad it isn’t available in the Netherlands yet.
I Would really love to try one out and get some development going.

I have some ideas which I would love to try to implement.
Any other way of getting a Fonera 2.0 at this moment in the Netherlands?

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Martin Varsavsky on October 10, 2008  · 

@ RHarmsen:

pls write to Robin he is our CTO, we will see how we can get it to the Netherlands

fonero on October 10, 2008  · 

where is the bittorrent function as announced by Yourself ? In this blog You showed us a video ! You told the world, that you will call it “Liberator”. Did you forget this? Now only in “(….)” Where is the real “Liberator”? This 2.0 doesn´t liberate anything! Tell us!

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Jordi - FON on October 10, 2008  · 

Fonero, that is the reason why we are launching the Fonera 2.0 Beta DEVELOPERS ONLY first, the app you mention was not stable enough for a commercial product but was good to show what Foneros could do with this device. Let me also give you an update on the app you request: Azureus has modified their client and optimized the code for MIPS32 platform and now they are much closer to have a final stable client that will run great on Fonera 2.0.
Jordi – FON

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lipilee on October 10, 2008  · 

woot! I hope that apart frm hard drives and whatnot we will finally be able to connect USB 3G dongles and do some neat traffic shaping.

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RHarmsen on October 10, 2008  · 


I can imagine this would be possible when a plugin is developed.

I would also love MESH routing, so someone can build a city wide, FON WLAN, with only a few uplink points.

And with 3G dongles, the uplink points can even be extended very easily.

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Jordi - FON on October 10, 2008  · 

lipilee, yes, with the Hua Wei(R) 220 (one of the most popular USB HSDPA modems) we have already make it work! other 3G modems still testing, if you are a Developer and want to join the team working on this please email me jordi (at) fon (dot) com. If you are not a developer but have access to specific usb modems that you would like the Fonera 2.0 tu support please help us get a couple of units and we will try to work on them.
Jordi – FON

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Rodrigo Linfati on October 11, 2008  · 


Anteriormente estube en italia y compre varias foneras, foneras+ y
fontennas… para regalar a mis amigos..

ahora me encuentro de nuevo en mi pais, chile, y quisiera ver la posibilidad
de que me envien una ( o si pueden ser mas, mejor ) foneras 2.0.

tengo conocimiendos de linux y de redes, por lo cual no tendria problemas
por si se me muere, hay que abrirla, resetearla, armar un ttl, etc, etc,
etc… para poder testearla

Por supuesto, yo podria pagar los gastos de envios.

Y seguro mas de algun amigo mio estaria interesado en tener una, por si se
requiere un volumen minimo para poder hacer el envio a chile.

Desde ya gracias y esperando su pronta respuesta

Rodrigo Linfati +56 9 82026529
PGP: 9782E9F3 Usuario Linux: 315376

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Alberto Perdomo on October 11, 2008  · 

Estimado Martín,

desde hace unos meses sigo tu blog y he visto tu post de ayer sobre la Fonera 2.0. El próximo lunes estaremos en el Facebook Developer Garage que organizáis en Madrid.

Somos un startup con sede en las Islas Canarias y ofrecemos servicios de consultoría y desarrollo de software.
Estamos trabajando estrechamente con una empresa europea que fabrica unos sensores inaĺámbricos para medir parámetros de salud.

Actualmente estos dispositivos son:
* tensiómetro de muñeca (mide tensión arterial y pulso),
* glucómetro (mide azúcar en sangre)
* báscula (mide pedo corporal, % de grasa corporal, múscula y agua).

Los valores se reciben de forma inalámbrica con un dispositivo USB similar a un pen drive.

Entre los proyectos que tenemos en marcha ahora mismo estamos desarrollando un SDK para integrar estos dispositivos con plataformas de hardware tales como routers, settopboxes, etc.

Pensamos que la Fonera 2.0 sería una plataforma ideal para la integración de los sensores de tal forma que los usuarios podrían controlar su peso, tensión arterial, etc. en el salón de su casa y gestionar estos en una aplicación web. Esta idea está también relacionada con la idea de la Fatera que comentaste en su día también en tu blog.

No te escribimos en busca de financión, lo que nos interesa es colaborar a nivel de integración y también podríamos poneros en contacto con esta empresa por si ambas tenéis interés en ofrecer algo como un pack de FONERA 2-0 + sensores o similar.

Ya sé que escribo con muy poco tiempo y sé que tendrás/tendréis una agenda muy apretada pero nos gustaría contarte en persona nuestras ideas por encima brevemente y tal vez os podríamos mostrar los dispositivos. También sería interesante que nos pusieras en contacto con alguien que nos aclarase cuestiones técnicas a nivel de integración.

Espero no haberte robado demasiado tiempo y que nuestras ideas te parezcan interesantes.

Alberto Perdomo.

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Andrew on October 11, 2008  · 

Any reason for the lack of availability in the US (or any English-speaking market, for that matter)?

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Jordi - FON on October 12, 2008  · 

@Alberto, your project sounds PERFECT for Fonera 2.0, see you guys at the Facebook garage tomorrow, we will bring some Foneras 2.0 Beta!
Jordi – FON

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Jordi - FON on October 12, 2008  · 

@Andrew, there was just one logistic reason for not to have a US version yet for this DEVELOPERS ONLY Edition: we did a small 1K production in China and for that qty we could only choose one plug adapter type, we choose the European two rounded pin plug because most of our own development labs are in Europe. But, said so, if you are or know a Developer in the US who wants to purchase a Fonera 2.0 Beta, let me know because the AC/DC is full range (110v-220v) so you/he can use a rounded to flat pin adapter.
Jordi – FON

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Charbax on October 12, 2008  · 

This is fantastic news, I have been waiting for it for years now..

Here are some ideas:

1. Provide special $20 USB SATA hard drive cases that add an ability to receive standby/resume instructions from the Fonera 2.0 through USB. Reason? Save energy while leaving your USB hard drives connecvted 24h/24 on this. You could even host several USB hard drives using the USB hub. The Fonera 2.0 should host the file index while the hard drive is asleep. The hard drive is only powered woken up once a user is remotely browsing the file names on the index.

2. Provide even multi- hard drive to 1 USB towers. Offer cheap, like $30 USB SATA hard drive tower for 2 or 4 hard drives. Again, with the same extra USB command control functionality.

The idea here, is that the Fonera 2.0 should be the worlds best NAS system, the best and the cheapest, also the most power effecient when using Fon’s own optionnal USB Hard drive case accessories.

3. If USB hard drives and other USB accessories can take it without being damaged, provide a special USB controlled FON multi-power adapter. The usage would be, to tell the Fonera 2.0 which devices are powered at which power plug numbers, it could be a 1-4 or 1-8 adapter. Then using USB commands, cut power to the USB hard drive, to the printer or whatever other USB device that you have connected.

4. We really need to bridge the WPA WiFi access point to not only the USB accessories, but also to the local network. Even if the network is before the Fonera on a switch or on the router. Other devices on the local ethernet network need to connect to WiFi devices, just like the hacked Fonera firmware enables. But that functionality should be officially supported. For Upnp, Samba and other.

5. Host FTP and HTTP for USB hard drive content.

6. Automatically download BitTorrent RSS feeds to USB hard drive.

7. Yup, use USB hard drive to automatically keep a physical backup of Cloud Computing services. Such as keep a physical copy of your whole Gmail account for example, it automatically synchronizes it regularly. Same thing could be for your flickr account, your Google App Engine storage and any other upcoming Cloud computing services. Sure they are reliable and stuff, but you might want to keep a backup of your files, just in case for example they delete your account or something.

8. Create a USB fem2cell dongle which could from the Fonera 2.0 dynamically create a HSDPA hotspot and save you money on your HSDPA bandwidth costs.

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JR on October 12, 2008  · 

It’s a shame I can’t get this developer edition in the UK (it seems the fon store won’t even let me buy it elsewhere in Europe if the delivery address is over here)… Yes, the plugs are different but it’s easy to convert.

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Josh Hunt on October 12, 2008  · 

What are the release dates for other countries (As in Australia).

I wouldn’t mind doing some dev work for this…

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yani on October 12, 2008  · 


congrats! a lot of work…

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martiger on October 14, 2008  · 

Hoply new LaFOnera will be Wireless N ready, otherwise will not buy it.

What you should include on it is BRIDE OPTION. it should works like a bride converting signal to FON ready. I have linksys router in my house. Will be great if i be able to like install fonera on second floor window and have wider range of signal.

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Jordi - FON on October 16, 2008  · 

@Josh, @JR, thanks for wanting our product, due to the great number of requests from developers around the world that would like to purchase this new device from multiple countries, we are working on the logistics so all of you guys can get one even with an European pin plug. More to come in about 10 days.
Jordi – FON

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JR on October 16, 2008  · 

@Jordi – that’s great news, thanks! Let’s hope they’re not sold out by then 😉

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Horst on October 17, 2008  · 

Why dont you use the enhanced ctorrent Port for OpenWRT instead such a Bloatware like Azureus? It should be very Easy to put a Webinterface aound ctorrent.

An why should Developers pay 40 Euros for a poor Plattform like the Fonera 2.0? 40 Euros for a Plattform with many avaiable Software is a good Deal. But 40 Euros for a Developers only Hardware Plattform is a joke. Normaly the Hardware Plattform is donated to the Developers.
If you want to stop Hardware grabbing make a Money Refund for Developers who release a usefull Code or Paket.

Best regards from rainy Germany!

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Jordi - FON on October 17, 2008  · 

@Horst, you will be amazed with the performance of the VUZE (Azureus) MIPS client. We also like ctorrent and have also run it on Fonera 2.0, the best will be to have both options so the Fonero decides which one to use, and I am sure the ctorrent community will love to have its great solution with a new platform to run on! Regarding Money Refund for useful Code, that was already offered by Martin 😉
Jordi – FON

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