Sailing for 20 nm through the only fjord in the Mediterranean and ending up in Kotor, where the sea looks like a Swiss lake, is out of this world. Yet nobody does this. When I first sailed to Croatia from Spain, in 2000, there were a few sailboat. This year, my second time, some of the most beautiful sailboats in the world were over here, but they still stop at Dubrovnik. They don´t continue south. They don´t come to Kotor in Montenegro, now a country.

This summer I have been in California, NYC/Hamptons and now back in Europe. Yesterday, working in London, today in Montenegro. USA is an amazing country in many ways, but while one of the keywords that define America is diversity, somehow I feel that America has managed to kill it. Travel from Atlanta to Philadelphia and you will see very little diversity. Whatever diversity there was was killed by franchising. Fly from London to Cavtat, as I did in the same time that you would fly from Atlanta to Philadelphia, and you are in another world. And if you ever get a chance sail this fjord.

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