I was thinking about Sarah Palin and her daughter, and thought of the fact that, at one point, they ask the heroin of Juno, the movie, if she is named after the city in Alaska was a premonition of what was actually coming from Alaska. This is another case of movies anticipating reality in some weird way. And if you Google Juno Palin, you will see that many writers thought of the same comparison.

To me, the sad part about the movie and the present election is that Juno manages to convince you, the viewer, that getting pregnant while being a teen and giving your child up for adoption, can actually be a great thing. From that to believing that the same is true for a Vice Presidential family is a short way. I am beginning to be sorry about the movie.

My hope for a real change in America is fading away.How can we leave the management of the world to American voters, who are simple minded enough to be seduced by Sarah Palin?

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Matin on September 9, 2008  · 

How can we leave the management of the world to American voters…

Simple…don’t! With a stronger EU and stronger global economy, America is not and will not be the sole hyper-power. If anything, the global competition will be good for America.

By the way, aren’t you an American voter as well?

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Stephen G on September 9, 2008  · 

Kind of nice to see you so concerned. But neither you nor your money will happen to be working here when the bill for “real change” comes due, right? Thought not.

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