Tariq Krim’s latest startup Jolicloud, maker of the internet operating system for netbooks, has completed its first round of funding with Atomico Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners. Niklas Zennström, the co-founder of Skype, and serial entrepreneur Gilles Samoun will be joining the board. Former COO of Skype, Michael Jackson, will also join as an advisor. The investment will allow Jolicloud to accelerate development and expand its global network of partners.

The French startup is developing a Linux-based operating system to provide free and easy access to a new generation of web applications on the most affordable computers, accelerating the widespread adoption of cloud computing.

Jolicloud is in private alpha and will be released as a public beta later this year. I have been using it and I love it!

Disclosure: Tariq, Niklas, Janus, Michael are all friends.

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