2243614857_2ba59b372a_o.pngI’ve always wondered if there was a way to make a WiFi hotspot out of a smartphone. Now there is and it’s called JoikuSpot. This small application can run on many smartphones with WiFi (like the N95 or E61) and allow you to share your 3G connections with others around you, or simply to provide connectivity to any WiFi device like the iPod Touch or Nintendo DS. To me this is one further proof that what people want is WiFi, not 3G.

Once you have installed the app you can quickly start a connection and your phone becomes an access point, with an open WiFi signal to which you can connect using your laptop or other devices. It’s faster and easier then sharing a connection via Bluetooth!

JoikuSpot is still in beta, but FON is already in talks with the guys at JoikuSoft to provide Foneros with a Fon enabled version of their software so if you want to share but limit the bandwidth you share or charge for it, or only share with Foneros, you can.

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Rubs on April 1, 2008  · 

Hey there,

I know this is not the right entry to post my comment, but I don´t use to obbey the rules ( otherwise we miss all the fun ).
Therfore, here´s my comment,.. last week I was walking thru La palma street in madrid, I was looking for a pub ( yeahh right, it was saturday night ), so I thought, let´s have a look and check for wifi,. I was really happy to fin a fonera around, but poor Rubs, I use an iphone, and to be an allien u gotta got thru the publicity, I got no prob with it,. but it is in FLASH!, so ther´s no way to go over it since iphone do not detect the bloody flash, so.. I could´t go thru it and couldn´t find the place,.. so I ended up having my drinks at the Penta.. not a bad choice I know.. but quite dissapointed of the fonera now… I thought u guys should do something about it…



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Nils on April 1, 2008  · 

Hey that sounds promising! Always wanted to see a kind of portable Fonera! Looking forward to see it in action!


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Martin Varsavsky on April 3, 2008  · 

Well Rubs,

If u were a Fonero or if u had been willing to pay with sms or 3 euros, u could have surfed…

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