I was not familiar with Social Median. I am now listening to founder Jason Goldberg. He is a former campaigner of the Clinton elections. Before I go on I would like to say that MMF is the best tech conference in Europe if what you would like to know is the latest as to what is happening in California. Jason is one of those brilliant Silicon Valley presenters. He introduces Social Median as a news clipping. While I listen to him I signed up. Users in Social Median creates news networks based on themes. Example: Obama White House Transition. Users create a community around that. It is like a Digg made on themes not on individual news. A news network was created about the Monaco Media Forum that is good if my readers want to follow this conference.

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jebuff on November 14, 2008  · 

Thanks for your kind comments Martin. Always a pleasure to have you with us. Jason was a great opener, and socialmedian has given us a great platform to see everything related to the MMF: Prince’s and villains, high-heels, Gabe goofing on technology, Lessig’s grace, Wolff’s rant… the works.

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