Nina and I arrived this afternoon in Marrakech, less than a two hour flight from Madrid. As you can see from our pictures Morocco maybe close to Spain but culturally it is pretty removed. Marrakech looks much more like Damascus, than say, Malaga which is much closer. While these days of the Gaza war have been tough for those in the conflict and also rocky in my Spanish and English blogs where a lot of disagreement took place I felt that these pictures would be a good counterpoint. And I do recommend to my readers to come to Marrakesh, especially at this time of the year, the weather is perfect, during the day it is around 18 degrees, very sunny, and there are such few tourists!

Here´s a slide show on Marrakesh

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Richard on January 23, 2009  · 

You’re right, Marrakech is a stunning place. Although it’s far from being a democracy, it seems the King is making some efforts to modernise the economy in Morocco.

From the look of your photos, it seems like you stayed in a riad in similar part of the medina to where I was in January last year. Great memories! I got a photo of the Fnaque Berbère too…

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Gustavo L on January 24, 2009  · 

excellent picture. The colors and lighting really draw your attention. What kind of camera was used?

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Ilias H on January 25, 2009  · 

Hi Martin, next time you are stopping by in Morocco it would be great to leverage your presence to do some grass root promotion of FON.

Ecommerce is at its infancy here after…10 years of government debate to authorize it. Clearly, the young North African generation cannot count on its technocrats to act as the visionaries. All we need is a small group of raving local Fans to make FON and many other Killer App prevalent. This is crucial to enable the younger generation of these emerging countries to contribute to the production of technology innovation worldwide rather than merely the consumption of it. The root of trade deficit is innovation deficit.

Ilias, IE IMBA 2006, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, based in Casablanca, currently GM at IDC North Africa

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