The Bush administration came up with this absurd concept of the war on terror as if terror was a tangible enemy that one could truly fight. And using this concoction the US conducted war style operations on civilian populations something that is not only immoral but it only fuels terrorism. Now the paradox is that US ally Israel, a country that truly is at war, denies being at war. And the results are awkward. When USA bombs Somalia as it did yesterday, looking for Islamic terrorists to kill and killing innocent civilians in the process ,the US government justifies its actions by arguing that they are at war with terrorists everywhere. But Israel instead who is at war with a Hamas led Gaza says instead that it is not at War. To me Gaza is a country regardless of whether it´s been recognized by most or not. It has borders, it is independent of the rest of Palestine in its policy making, it has its own government. And Gaza is at war with Israel. Rockets frequently fly from Gaza to Israel and Israel frequently attacks and invades Gaza. There is regular fighting going on. Now while I consider US policy fighting terrorism unreasonable and inhumane as terrorists should be fought by the rule of law, as we do here in Spain, captured, judged and imprisoned and not bombarded from the air I consider Israel´s policy equally confusing. Israel is not fighting terrorists, it is fighting a newly independent country whose government and population are hostile to Israel. Israel is really at war, not USA. And while I was a supporter of the Gaza withdrawal I do agree with many commentators who now say that the withdrawal was a failure and that a West Bank withdrawal would be suicidal. Gazans had a great opportunity to build a new nation and show the way for all Palestine. Instead they have continued to focus on Israel as the source of all evil joining the nations that prefer to play victims than to grow out of their problems. I have always wanted Palestine to be an independent country but unfortunately Gaza has made it very hard for tiny Israel to risk having rockets falling into its civilian population from all sides. In this blog and at my foundation´s I greatly criticized the Israeli invasion of Lebanon for example, an invasion that I considered unnecessary harsh, brutal and counterproductive. But with Gaza Israel has shown tremendous restraint and unfortunately it has not paid off.

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