For historical reasons the digital world that includes movies, music, videogames, tv channels, internet access, voice minutes over fixed and mobile lines, internet content, is grossly unfair. In the digital world most people download and get music for free and have come to expect music to be free. The same people however pay a fortune for voice calls to their mobile operators and seem to think that that is normal. More and more people pay less for movies and are downloading them for free. In Europe now the video game industry makes more money than the music and the movie industry combined. But as much as they are unwilling to pay for movies themselves they pay tons of money to Cable Operators to have access to an enormous selection of TV Channels that they hardly watch. Instead they still mostly watch broadcasting television which is free. They pay significant amounts to fixed telecom carriers and yet are unwilling to pay any money for the content that makes internet access worthwhile. And pay nothing for writing long emails over the telephone or their computers but pay absurd amounts to send 140 characters or less in an SMS. Is the digital world sustainable?

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