I lived in Argentina as a child, in the States as a young adult and for the last 11 years I have been in Spain. When I moved from NYC to Madrid I was wondering what would be like to move from a huge city, NYC, to a mid size city, Madrid, and from a huge country, USA, to a mid size country, Spain.

Living in the States I was not aware that this mid size country, Spain, has a considerable amount of citizens who would like to live in much smaller countries, Catalunya, Euskadi or Galicia. Now a Spanish and a European citizen, I frequently wonder about the two forces that seem to be driving political decissions these days: globalization and localization. Today, during a 48km bike ride near Kotor, in Montenegro, I decided to use this few months old country as an experiment and ask citizens how they felt about their newly gained independence from Serbia. The answers were not encouraging. One bar owner summarized it best, “new country, same problems” he said.


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