For how long is the pile of lies related to America´s role in Iraq going to continue generating a pile of dead bodies in Iraq? When is this cycle of horror and waste going to end?

America first invaded Iraq because Iraq was making WMD. That was a lie. Then America stayed in Iraq to fight the war on terror and that was a lie as well. There were no terrorists in Iraq before the American invasion. And now we are on to the third big lie, that America stays in Iraq in order to prevent a civil war.

With so much death on all sides the argument that leaving a year ago would have produced more death among Iraqi factions is hard to support. Now one thing is sure, a pull out would have produced less American an allies deaths.

Spain saw this and pulled out, Italy is about to pull out, others pulled out. Are we going to see the same phenomenom in America, namely that a party change will be needed for a pull out? And not only is America´s foreign policy a failure in Iraq but Bush´s lies feed all sorts of new energy populist quasi dictators who have made out of hating America a sure way to win elections. Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and now Evo Morales are prime examples of leaders who can use the money they make from high energy prices to come to power and stay in power. Even in Russia and China America´s foreign policy makes it easy for hard liners to promote their anti American policies.

Will there be an end to this American foreign policy fiascos? I see some hope in Bush´s collapse in popularity. What makes me like America at the moment is the poll results showing that 70% of Americans dislike their President. I remember Clinton saying that there was nothing wrong with America that could not be cured by what was right with America. I do hope that this applies to the next elections and this global mismanagement on America´s behalf comes to an end. An America pursuing Clinton type foreign policy and Al Gore type environmental policies is what the world needs. In the meantime I frequently find myself counting the days for Bush´s presidency to be over.

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