Global conflicts tend to start in small places over relatively small issues that somehow get out of hand when other countries divide themselves along different sides of the dispute in question. Unfortunately this is happening with Iran. Iran could be just another country that goes nuclear, like Pakistan, or Israel, but because of Iran´s aggresive foreign policy which directly clashes with America´s plans for the Middle East, the Iranian violation of the nuclear proliferation treaty is dangerously dividing the world in two. These two blocks could potentially be the two sides of WWIII. All the authoritarian countries are on one side, the democratic countries on the other. Democracies are strongly opposing Iran becoming a nuclear power. These include USA, the European Union, Japan, India and others. Authoritarian countries including most Muslim countries, Russia, China, and the authoritarian countries of Latin America, are with Iran. This division is dangerous for the world. How did we get to this point? The US invasion of Iraq combined with the respect that North Korea got out of developing nuclear weapons made it clear to Iran that if the Bush Administration was going to call them names (axis of evil) they better be evil….and smart. By destroying Iraq and ignoring North Korea America rewarded the nuclear power. As a result the Iranians want nuclear weapons and they want them now. The Bush administration seems to have a tragic ability for escalating conflict into war.

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Johann Valentin Andreae on May 8, 2006  · 

I’m neither a supporter of George W. Bush nor of US foreign policy, but when talking about Iran we should realize the special danger coming from this country:

In contrast to North Korea, the Iran conflict is primarily about culture and most of all religion and not only about power.

Many Iranians scorn our values and our culture. In their eyes we are godless and so don’t deserve to live. Their law, the sharia, takes violence against their wives for granted like killing converts. Their personal honour is often worth more than a human life and their sense of justice is comparable to the one Europeans had some 500 years ago. Their thinking is deep-rooted in their minds from childhood on and it will take generations to change it.

Catching up those 500 years of cultural evolution won’t work by giving them a constitution and handing out ballot papers, as Iraq and Afghanistan have shown.

Of course this is no reason for bombing them, but one should wonder to what extend the Western world should compromise with people, who don’t fear death, but look forward to the 72 virgins waiting in paradise for each of them. Especially when regarding their elected president, Mr. Ahmadinejad, who denies holocaust and aims erasing Israel, one should reconsider, if he shall be able to play with weapons-grade nuclear material.

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Dimitar Vesselinov on May 9, 2006  · 

Causes of World War I

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