I keep reading about the two iPhone misteries that ain´t so. One is that there´s enormous demand for the iPhone in the States and shops ran out of them (I tested this myself 10 days ago in San Francisco), the other one is that UK and French iPhone sales are dissappointing and shops are full of them. Journalists go on and on about how much Europe loves Nokia or other meaningless theories of Apple rejection. When are writers going to put the two together and realize that a good part of the enormous amount of iPhones sold in the States are in Europe? Apple has a pricing policy that encourages this. Apple prices its products in euros and in dollars as if the currencies were very close to each other and not $1.55 to 1 euro. But the kind of people who can afford Apple products can also afford a trip to the States. If you buy a MacBook Air for example you can pay your airline ticket on the price difference alone. So Apple sales in the States overstate American consumption and Apple sales in Europe understate European consumption on all products but especially the iPhone.

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