I keep getting asked where the Fonero event is on Tuesday morning. It is at Cookie’s Cream Restaurant, Unter den Linden / Friedrichsstrasse (next to KPM) at 1030. At this event we will introduce the Fonera 2.0 which is a new Fon social WLAN or WiFi router that does many more things than allowing you to share a little signal at home and roam the world for free.

The new Fonera 2.0 is the open source router that allows you to manage your relationship with the Web 2.0. Examples? You can stick a USB pen drive full of pictures and have the fonera directly send the pictures to Flickr while you take your laptop along with you somewhere else. Same with videos, torrents, etc. More tomorrow.

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Phil v. Sassen on October 21, 2008  · 

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