In case that you don´t know how Intrade works below is their boring, outdated, and yet very informational video that explains the rules of their trading or gambling platform on current events and the odds are for Obama big time. Over the year Intrade has proven to be more accurate than polls mainly because people vote with their money.

In the meantime if you are my friend in Facebook you will see that I changed my name to Martin Hussein Varsavsky. I did it because I like this endorsement style being followed by many friends of mine. McCain is going around making us feel that Obama is not “one of us” and frankly the choice of his middle name is unfortunate so let´s all make it sound like any other name. I was going to write an elaborate article on why I support Obama but I found that Tim O Reilly had written such a good one that I will just link to it. I even agree with Tim´s criticism that Obama´s green plan does not go as far as it should. America needs a big “public works program” and green should be it.

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nigeleccles on October 29, 2008  · 

Yes, Obama is a massive favorite with all the betting and prediction markets. He’s currently trading at about 90% with us and we are currently forecasting him to win with 375 electoral votes:

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