When I moved to Spain in 1995, I was very surprised to see that my Spanish friends, who as most Spaniards nowadays are former Catholics, are all great promoters of the Epiphany. As a result while a minority of Spanish kids today go to church and hear about God, almost all of them are told about the existence of the Magi who bring them gifts on January 6th. For Spanish kids the Epiphany is more important than Christmas. When I asked a Spanish friend called Jesus (Jesus is still a very common name in non religious Spain, another paradox) why he told his kids about the Magi and not about God he said very plainly “because I don´t believe in God”. The real identity of the Magi, namely the parents, is generally revealed to kids only in Grammar school. So because both Atheists and Catholics teach their kids about the Magi but only Catholics about God more kids believe in the Magi than in God.

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