After putting together the Conference on Terrorism on March 11th 2005 attended by Kofi Annan and 32 heads of State my foundation worked on the idea of starting a political party. Now I know it´s crazy for a foundation to start a political party, but that´s what we researched.

My basic idea here was that there are huge unrepresented masses of people in the United States and Europe -immigrant, legal and ilegal- and having been one myself, both in America and in Europe, I felt that it was about time that somebody started a political party that represented them. I believe this should be done regardless of the fact that so many of them can´t yet vote. Recently looking at the massive immigrant demonstrations taking place in the States, it is clear to me that a “political entrepreneur” should occupy this political niche. What would the Immigrant political parties fight for? First of all, for the rights of immigrants to gain citizenship and vote. Other than that, for all the key issues that concern immigrants regarding housing, health, education, cultural issues.

Once I googled immigrant party and google replied “do you mean anti immigrant party?”. If the forces against immigrants are so well organized it is time that the forces for the fair incorporation of immigrants to society organize. For Europe I chose the domain and registered it. Interestingly, while there´s a European Parliament there are no European Political parties. A party linking immigrants to Europe to the Europeans who feel that Europe deserves to succeed as a united entity, could become the largest political party of the European Union.

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