You will not imagine it like this.

Or at least Nina and I did not. If you live in Europe like we do. And you are used to vacation in the Atlantic as we are, then Hawaii is kind of like Tenerife meets Jamaica..but better. But that may be a meaningless description for you. And we don´t really know all of Hawaii. We know The Big Island, also known as Hawaii, but not all the other islands that are jointly known as Hawaii. And we only know the North of the Big Island. But just the North is three distinct landscapes. A volcanic desert on the North West, grasslands in the North, tropical forest in the North East. In a very small area you go from sea level to 4200m. This island is a lot of landscapes and climates put together. Sometimes it even snows at the top of the volcano and we are at 8 degrees from the Equator. The Big Island is not huge but it is big as they say. Probably somewhere between Majorca and Sardinia in size. But it is empty by European standards. Very little development. Huge open areas. Vast views. I kind of had the wrong idea that Hawaii was touristy like say Florida. It is not.

If you can make it, it´s worth the 12 hour jet lag from Europe. I will add more pictures and videos.

I would like to thank a very special person who hosted us today but he has asked us not to blog about him and we will respect that. It´s a pity though because he is one rare combination of wit and kindness.

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davzap on July 21, 2009  · 

You are one terrific tweeter! And a good photographer and writer too. Really liked the Hawaii article and photos. God Bless you and your beautiful wife.

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mkolja on July 22, 2009  · 

Wow. that looks amazing. I’m going to be there in December, but as European, as you say, don’t have much idea how Hawaii is actually in real. so looking forward now 8)

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