Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world. But unemployment is also one of the highest of the cities of Europe. Attending SIME in Barcelona I had the following idea. In the past tax free areas were created at airports, or in countries that wanted to have tax free zones for manufacturing. Barcelona still has a Zona Franca. But in the service economy that we live in now there are new impediments to entrepreneurship. Especially in Spain where entrepreneurs are always personally liable for their ventures, where it is hard to create a new business, where the government is always on your back. So I propose that Barcelona starts a Zona Franca de Emprendedores. Now how could an Entrepreneurship Zone work? Well it would be a closed area in which rules are different. For example social charges are not 50% over salaries as they are in some cases but they are say 10%, and so are taxes that employees pay, but also social benefits are low, no unemployment insurance for example cause as we know to find the winning start up an economy has to accept many start up failures. Barcelona already has @22, the entrepreneurship district. It just needs to change the working rules for those who work there. No income tax, no unemployment insurance.

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