The people like you and me, who spend a lot of time on the internet are still a minority. And many outside our world consider us insensitive, glued to screens. And they are partly right as we do frequently ignored loved ones for an extra moment testing the latest site. But sometimes there are moments that even out of a computer screen you feel emotion. In this case sadness. This is one.

I am looking at the photo flow at Twitxr amazed that this simple idea that came out of Fon Labs in Gerona, Spain, is now a global phenomenom. But as I am looking at the timeline with pictures coming from Japan, USA, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Holland, I find Omjeyed from Iran. And I see that he is sick. I also see that he writes in a language that I don´t understand, with characters that are beautiful, much nicer than ours. Yet so obscure. I also see he does a little drawing, that is special. And I want to wish him well, I hope you have a speedy recovery Omjeyed.

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Daniel Garcia Losada on June 13, 2008  · 

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