I live in Spain. In Spain it´s legal to use P2P. But while people can use P2P programs in their Macs it seems that they will not be able to use them in the iPod Touch taking advantage of the new WiFi functionality. This functionality seems to work only to buy songs (videos not allowed) from iTunes and not to get nor send songs to your friends over WiFi. Even in the States where P2P is illegal, most people download their music using software like Limewire, Bittorrent, and my guess is that at least 90% of the music in all iPods in America has been downloaded from P2P and music streaming sites. Apple knows this well and they know that if they checked if people had paid for all the music they have in their iPods, something they could easily do, their iPod sales would plummet. My guess is that Apple launched the iTunes shop in order to avoid the wrath of the record labels. But iTunes is not for me as it does not even have a decent all you can eat offer like Yahoo Music or Rhapsody. A music unlimited deal would be cool especially when combined with WiFi. This is what what Zing´s gadget offer. I have been using the Sansa/Yahoo all you can eat music offer for a while. I also like Sonos for my home but was dissapointed with Music Gremlin. But at least what Apple could do so I can walk around with the most beautifully designed music gadget that I can connect to Fon is to have Last.fm in the iPod Touch. I want my, I want my, I want my Last.fm!

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