Axel-SpringerI just joined the board of the largest media company in Germany, Axel Springer. It is very courageous of their part to appoint me as I have never served on anyone’s board and I have a very different profile from anyone else on their board. But I accepted this opportunity for two reasons,  because I admire how well Axel Springer has transitioned into the digital world under the leadership of Mathias Doepfner and because journalism was my part time job since I was in college and I am passionate about it. Few of my friends know that I paid for part of my NYU and Columbia education being a US correspondent of Spanish and Argentine publications. For some reason the story that always comes out is that I also was a bike messenger :).  But I am incredibly interested in the subject of how professional journalism can survive in the digital age. On how news will be consumed by millennials. On how to deliver valuable content to people over mobile formats. On how to help Axel Springer globalize.  Plus now we have a reason to go to Berlin four times a year, a city my wife Nina (who is German) and I both love!



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