I tweeted that I needed an assistant and I am getting many emails from candidates who do not qualify for the job. This is mostly because of their poor English. So before I go to sleep here’s a quick description of what I need in an assistant.

Matias Bergmann my assistant of many years is moving on. I am looking for a replacement. Matias is helping me in the selection process.

In the past I have either had either experienced assistants or inexperienced ones who were on to their first jobs but showed tremendous promise. The salary ranges from say 1000 euros a month for a student to 3000 a month for an experienced candidate. The candidate needs to be at least bilingual Spanish and English with emphasis on English. The short description for the candidate could be “a well organized techie with good writing, analytical skills and a willingness to learn”. The job goes from the most boring (travel arrangements, logistics) to more exciting tasks such as communications strategy, event organizing, recruiting and investment screening/analysis. It may also include some travel. Please send your CV and a sample of your writing skill or any work that may be online or send over email to martinvars@me.com. Position is in Madrid. Please do not apply if you don’t live in Madrid or can legally move to Madrid.

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Liliana Martínez on June 10, 2010  · 

Hi Martin or Matias.

I´m very interesting in working with you like an assistant. I´m qualify for the position, I used to working like that some years before. I study an BA and a Master, even thoug I love to assist people to get their goals. I will be happy with the salary, and with the activities that I will have to do.

You ask for someone with good writing, analytical skills and willigness to learn. I will be happy to do al kind of things that an assistant do. Since, as you said, boring task to the more exciting task.

I was working like a Leader in projects, so I think I have the vision you need.

I´m from Mexico City and I live here, before sending my CV, I want to know if I have the possibility to work with you, I´m be able to move to Madrid, I have all my papers right, Passport, Visa, everything is O.K.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Liliana Martinez

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Carlos Rodrigo Turner on June 10, 2010  · 

Hi, my name is Carlos Rodrigo Turner, I am bilingual, I’ve already sent you my CV, I would really like to work with you and you can find me at crodrigoturner.com.

Hoping to hear from you.


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javier on June 10, 2010  · 

Hi Martín,

I recommended e-mail you a friend, but as he can’t speak Spanish (he’s from Eastern Europe) now I understand why you didn’t give him a reply.

I might fit in your requirements, I’m not bilingual but I have Cambridge’s C1 and a Masters from a UK business school (got my first degree from a Spanish university). I’ve got experience writing online (in Spanish) and hungry to learn.

Good luck with your search!

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Manuel on June 11, 2010  · 

It’s the same “analyst” you were looking for some months ago?

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Martin Varsavsky on June 11, 2010  · 

No Manuel, thanks we already have the analyst, also a new lawyer working with us. Now I need a PA.

Joshua on June 15, 2010  · 

And a tip to people applying: know how far it is from Madrid to Paris 😉

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Boris on July 1, 2010  · 

so… you already got PA?

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Elvira on July 1, 2010  · 

Yes Boris, I’m Elvira, Martin’s new assistant 🙂 I’ve been working for two weeks now!

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