Here´s a Wikipedia definition of Holocaust deniers and here´s a Wikipedia definition of Creationism. What do these two have in common? That they are both movements of people who try to fight facts with ideology.

Yes, granted, as a Jew I would rather have dinner with a creationist than a holocaust denier, but the problem I have with Christian fundamentalism which rejects various aspects of evolution, geology, cosmology, and other natural sciences that address the origins of the natural world., as the Wikipedia says, is that as soon as the world begins to accept one type of theory that would not be taught say at Columbia University, where I studied, cause there is no proof for it….anything goes.

A certain brand of Christians or Orthodox Jews will insist that we do not have a common ancestor with the Chimp and another brand of Muslims will say the holocaust is Jewish propaganda. And in a world of “beliefs” there´s not much possibility for facts to arise. Once I had dinner with an orthodox Jewish woman who said she believed a literal interpretation of the Bible meaning that the world was created less than 6000 years ago. What about dinosaurs I said? They lived less than 6000 years ago she said. Now if this woman had dinner with a Holocaust denier, what arguments could she use to convince him that the Holocaust actually took place?

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