Greece is bankrupt. Greece needs the EU to bail the country out. But look at this graph. Greece spends an absurd amount of money on the military. Why not ask Greece to cut military spending to EU levels and use that money for education and health? Moreover I believe that all EU countries should cut military spending drastically and unite their military into one EU force that would focus on preventing military conflicts in the region while defending EU as a whole.

In the graph, I included Greece’s historical enemy, Turkey, to show that Turkey spends much less on the military as a percentage of GDP than Greece. In general, being part of the Euro, being part of Europe, should include being part of a common defense policy.

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Patrick on March 23, 2010  · 

Martin, what you comment already exists.
It is called Euroforce, and it is absolutely useless. Only for social interventions. Euroforce will never be like OTAN, and unfortunately EU will never wake up and understand that they really need a force.

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stefanos on March 23, 2010  · 

Martin, the reason Greece spends such an absurd amount on military defense is mostly, as you correctly pointed out, Turkey. Most in Greece would like to see that figure spent on education and health. However, another important reason for Greece’s high military expenditures is that it is a small country on the border of the EU; as is and as long as the EU does not recognize that Greece is in essence using its military to protect the EU borders from illegal migration towards the whole EU, the military spending won’t be reduced.
Turkey may appear in your graph to be spending less on military defense, but this is not the case in absolute numbers. Turkey has a GDP of over $1trillion, whereas Greece only of $343 billion, approximately 1/3 the size. Therefore, Turkey may be spending less as a percentage of GDP but they are spending more in absolute terms. Unfortunately, the arms race between the two has to keep going…

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Francesco on March 23, 2010  · 

#2 Stefanos wrote “Unfortunately, the arms race between the two has to keep going…” Hey, we are in the XXI century! Nothing from the past has to keep going, we may change it!

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kahunablogger on March 23, 2010  · 

Martin, did you know that German companies have doubled their military exports to other countries in the last 5 years? A lot of these weapons, tanks, submarines etc. are being bought by Greece… and Turkey! So basically Germany profits from both sides.

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A.T. on March 24, 2010  · 

@stefanos since when military force used to protect borders? or you don’t understand difference between border guard and military? and if you believe into military protecting country from illegal immigration then… well, may be it is time to go school again?

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stefanos on March 25, 2010  · 

@AT. In Greece the military is responsible for border protection. Check your facts before making degrading comments.

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Martín Alejandro Carmona Selva on March 25, 2010  · 

Amen! The best post on the Greek issue ever!

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yannis on March 26, 2010  · 

Hey , how the heck does a country like Greece with GDP 126US Billion in 2000 go to GDP 400US Billion in about 9 years…Don’t you think the intro to the euro had something to do with it as well…. As for military spending is ALWAYS welcomed by certain politicians more they spend more they pocket…Hellooooo.. Banks That hide money ..these countries that continue to allow such conduct.. what to say …shame on them………..The real SEWERS of the world!

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