I was born in Argentina. My background is German, Ukrainian, Polish and predictably Jewish. When I was growing up in Buenos Aires there were mainly two main kinds of Jews, the businessmen and the intelectuals. The Varsavskys were clearly on the intellectual camp. My father Carlos Varsavsky had a PhD from Harvard in astrophysics and he exemplified the Varsavsky type. Now while being an intellectual was and still is very prestigious there was no money in it. In America scientists struggle but are not poor. In Argentina they were then and they are now. Maybe this is why I grew up thinking that men does not live by science alone and decided to make a living out of investing in science rather than practicing it. This was not easy. My grandmother on my mother side, Ora Waisman, before she died in 1994 made me promise that I would get a PhD. I did go half way and in 1996 I became a professor of entrepreneurship at Instituto de Empresa and have been teaching in the fall ever since. But that is as far as I went with academia. I used to think I could get away with this. That my work was very relevant as evidenced by the enormous number of citations that Martin Varsavsky got at Google. But then Google came up with Google Scholar and there all the other Professor Varsavskys beat me by a great margin and rightly so. I am sorry Ora! I did what I could. I just LOVE starting businesses. I hope you understand. Entrepreneur first, scholar second.

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