I read so many articles about the purchase of Google and Youtube and yet I felt I had to add my brief analysis. To me, the purchase of Youtube by Google is rational and simple. Largest advertising company in the world buys largest TV network in the world. Makes a lot of sense. And the price if anything is low.

Now there is one element that both Google and Youtube are missing and that is the Apple gadget know how. Apple is the only company so far that has dominated the three key fields needed for a huge success in media: download, web site and gagdet. Should Apple be brought in to make a Youtube/Google integration in the next iPods, which should, of course (like the Zune) have WiFi?

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Panayotis Vryonis on October 15, 2006  · 

Isn’t Apple in yet? 😉


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Martin Varsavsky on October 16, 2006  · 

Very interesting! I did not know that Eric Schmidt was on Apple´s board.

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