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We very much apologized for the delays in delivering the Fonera 2.0. We miscalculated demand and ran out of the first order. Good news is that we just received our new cargo and the Fonera is now again available in Continental Europe and Japan. We are sorry that it is still not available in the UK and USA. You can order yours here. Or here. And the Fonera is an open source project. You can follow all the new developments in the blog of the Fonosfera.

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steven on May 27, 2009  · 

Excellent news…
but at the moment still mentions they are out of stock!

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kerry ritz on June 2, 2009  · 

Why can’t we buy the Fon in the UK at least for those who are already Foneros? Seems to defeat the whole point of being able to benefit from the FON network.
Surely, FON can be a bit more “open” in allowing people to buy your products


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Martin Varsavsky on June 2, 2009  · 

We don´t have a UK model of the Fonera 2.0 but we have a UK model of the Fonera + and that is being sold at But those foneros from the UK who want to test the Continental European Foneras pls send me an email at

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