For a CEO of a start up who launches a new product, what just happened to me is very discouraging. I wrote a post about the new Fonera SIMPL that we will soon launch. I mentioned that it is called SIMPL because, as opposed to the Fonera 2.0N, it is not a buffer to the cloud. I was surprised at the amount of extremely negative comments that I got about the quality of the Fonera 2.0N. I am suprised because the reviews we got in blogs like Techcrunch, Wired, Boing Boing and many others are positive. Whereas, the comments that you can see here are extremely negative.

Now the danger of blogs is that the people who are motivated to comment are in general those who are experiencing problems. So if you listen too much to your blog’s comments, you can get very upset as a CEO. So to find out if the level of dissatisfaction expressed in the post about the SIMPL is realistic, I am running a poll among Fonera 2.0N buyers in both my Spanish and English blogs. And in the meantime, I would like to apologize to those who are experiencing problems and say that we are working very hard on a new firmware release. We also offer discounts to Fonera 2.0G buyers to upgrade to Fonera 2.0N, and I am open to any other ideas that the community has. In the meantime, we are getting large orders for the Fonera SIMPL which is just that, simple, an N router that shares some of your bandwidth so you can roam the world for free and make money when others connect to you.

I end by saying that I use the Fonera 2.0N every day of my life, that I am using one now to write this post. I connect my iPhone, Nexus One, and Blackberry to the Fonera 2.0N. The customer care group is, on purpose, right outside of my office, and I just can’t replicate the bugs that people report. In the past, I used to be the first one to find bugs.

The translation from Spanish is this:

The first choice is, while you would like to see improvements in the Fonera 2.0N it is a product you can use.

The second choice is, as the Fonera 2.0N stands now, with the current firmware, you cannot use it.

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