We want to thank all those who have tested and provided feedback on the Fonera 2.0n. Your input has been a tremendous help in preparing the new firmware version (  Though still in testing, we think you’ll very happy with the changes we’ve made so far.

First we fixed some issues created by the last upgrade ( RC1), so Foneros can now share WiFi and use other Fonera 2.0n features at the same time.

Connections with the iPhone3GS and other devices using the BCM4325 Broadcom chipset are both working now. This was the most critical bug affecting users and it is now solved!

Some customers reported that the Fonera 2.0n rebooted when a SIP phone or other VoIP device connected to it. This has been fixed.

We added the usb_modeswitch driver that permits us to support multiple 3G dongles. We’re currently testing 10 different models and expect the Fonera 2.0n to support many more out of the box.

Next up, we’re working on changing the WiFi driver and resolving two new WiFi issues that our beta testers found (Thanks to them!):

1) Macs running on Snow Leopard 10.6x might experience disconnections and can only connect again by turning off/on the Mac AirPort functionality.

The underlying technical reason for the disconnect is as follows: When a Mac AirPort gets turned on, it looks at the beacon for packets to determine the country it is located in. Fonera 2.0n is configured so that the Mac thinks the router is located in the US (or Japan). When the Mac disconnects – the user may not even notice – and then tries to connect to a different signal/router with a different country setting, the Mac gets confused and will not reestablish the connection to the Fonera 2.0n. The user must turn off/on the AirPort to reconnect.

This is not Apple’s fault, but the problem is by no means limited to the Fonera 2.0n. It is a known issue/limitation between Snow Leopard 10.6x and many routers in the market that use one country as standard location. Visit the Apple boards for more info.

We are currently working on a solution that allows the user to set the correct country code.

2) Two testers have experienced micro-disconnections where the public signal disappeared for a couple of seconds. As soon as the signal reappeared, the laptop disconnected and reconnected automatically. We have not yet identified the root cause of this issue.

We will release the Alpha version – for tech-savvy users only – for testing in the next couple days on Fonosfera. In parallel, we will continue to add support for new 3G dongles and other USB devices.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and patience.

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Antoin on March 22, 2010  · 

You should be able to guess the country reasonably accurately by looking up the IP address.

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Reinhard Duczek on March 22, 2010  · 

Thank you, Martin!

Great news!

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jose luis on March 24, 2010  · 

Hi Martin,

Just to let you know that I experienced the disconnection problem with chrome. I switched to Firefox and it goes now good, faster download speed, no cuts 🙂

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Jos on March 30, 2010  · 

An update would be more than welcome indeed and I really hope that you fix the Snow Leopard bugs (wifi connection drops every 10minutes, Finder problems with attached storage, slow speed). Good luck !

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chirag on March 31, 2010  · 

Is there any plan to support mesh protocols (Think about ability to setup multiple fon routers with one broadband link in a neighborhood).

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