Tonight Fon hosted the Facebook developer´s garage in Madrid. It was the first in the Spanish language and I think that Spanish is the first language other than English that Facebook launched. I am sure that soon there will be may pictures about the event and here is an interview made me. There will be pictures about it in Facebook as well but those be seen by the friends of the people who came to the event. What was impressive about this event is that Facebook in Spain is still a tiny community of 300K early adopters. Still the developer community came to the event in full force with over 100 coders present and over 250 people overall. The event did not take place at a garage actually with garage being such a Silicon Valley term. In Madrid we hosted at Teatro Lara a theater I partly own. While there were some negative comments made about the fact that most of the Facebook apps are hardly used most people were impressed about the fact that if you write a Facebook app you can keep 100% of the income that that app generates. At the end my friend Anil from Mobuzz summarize the Facebook Fon event in one word the Fonbook. What is that, the printed version of Facebook?

For those who speak Spanish here´s an excellent summary of the event.

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