The Peek works great in the States but the PeekFON setup in Europe is new. We have not roamed. We have not yet tested it around the continent. So today, we decided to give the first PeekFONs to Fon employees and close friends as beta testers who will test them and travel over the holidays. Then, after 30 days of testing, we will open the sale to the general public. We already have a waiting list for PeekFONs and we will deliver them in the order in which the request was received. To be on the list click here. We don’t collect credit card information. Only names and basic info. Thanks to those who ordered and we are sorry that we are not delivering today as we had mentioned but we believe that a month of bug discovery is the safer way to go. Also we are missing a few countries for roaming like Norway and Andorra. We are trying to see if we can solve this between now and January.

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