Looking for new apps to include the Fonera and testing Pando and Dropbox I found Files Over Miles and it seems great (thanks Raul Chevalier). The key about the new Fonera, the Fon WiFi router that allows you to offer a little extra bandwidth to others and in exchange getting paid and roaming the world for free is that it also manages your file transfers. That´s why we call it the Fonera 2.0, because it manages your relationship with the Web 2.0 namely uploading and downloading content. For Fon this ability to allow people to upload and download while they leave home with their laptops has been a big plus. People are eager to let their Fonera routers connected to their hard drives do the TEDIOUS Internet work such as uploading your videos to YouTube, pictures to Flickr, or downloading their torrents. As a result of this new development at Fon we have been able to stop subsidizing the growth of our network and are reaching profitability earlier than expected. Probably this summer or fall.

But now that the selections of the obvious apps are ready, I was looking for other killer ones – apps to sync folders or send large files from computer. Point here is that instead of being glued to your computer as the huge files are sent, say when you use Pando, your router does the job sending that family video in HD while you are away from home. Moreover you can then access your Fonera from the office say to see how your downloads, uploads, torrents and file transfers are going. But while Pando is great and so is Dropbox, FilesOverMiles is the piece of cake type of app that could be a killer in the Fonera 2.0. It just sends files from browser to browser.

Now we have to see if it´s Open Source and if we can include it in the Fonera. But try it. It is a brutally simple way of sending files from your browser to somebody else´s. Pity it seems to be capped at 1GB and that it only works if you open ports which is not something everyone knows how to do. Other than that you can also get lucky as FilesOverMiles tries to pierce your ISP´s firewall and sometimes succeeds.

Btw we are launching the Fonera 2.0 in USA and UK in September. Sorry that it is so far only available in Continental Europe and Japan.

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steven on June 25, 2009  · 

Check out Opera browser

Check out http://www.neorouter.com on your Fonera 2.0

btw have you seen the latest Linksys wifi-n linux router ? it can get upto 93mbit/s (La Fonera 2.0 stops at 15mbit/s)

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Iguane39 on June 26, 2009  · 


you are looking for a killer app for La Fonera 2. I’m working on a new concept to share files between private networks.

Take a look to this post. I know this is in French, but I will translate it pretty soon and images to understand it are in english. Let me know your feelings.

Thanks for the job with La fonera 2.


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Iguane39 on June 27, 2009  · 


it’s me again.

Please find the project on CodePlex : http://fonshare.codeplex.com/

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david on June 27, 2009  · 

Martin, as far as I know Pando relies on servers to distribute content, if fact their approach is the P4P paradigm that telcos are considering to adopt. P4P is P2P but controlled by telcos.

Maybe you would find this useful to your foneras


It is about creating large shared “disks” over the network. Ideal for your foneras ??


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anonimo on June 29, 2009  · 

have you tried http://www.drop.io?

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