The problem of over regulated societies is that what in some countries is a matter of individual choice in these type of nations they become a matter of state. USA for example does not regulate languages. If a person in USA wants to promote products in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, or any other language say advertising on the street or public transport he/she can go ahead. But in Spain language is unfortunately regulated and this regulation turns language away from a source of understanding into a source of public conflict. And what is more suprising to Latin Americans living in Spain such as myself is that in many parts of Spain you are not allowed to promote yourself and your activities in Spanish or communicate openly in Spanish even when you want to address yourself to a Spanish speaking audience. But this regulations are very inconsistent because while you may not be able to advertise your bread in Spanish on the street you can advertise it in Spanish in the leading newspapers of the non Spanish speaking regions which are in Spanish. Fortunately there´s a new movement that is simply asking for freedom to use whatever language you want whenever you want. And yesterday this movement, which is the first time I hear about it. Started with a massive demonstration in Palma, Majorca. What Spain needs is simply to deregulate languages in any activity that is not in the public sector.

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