In this video, shot a little while ago at Serafina´s, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, Tom and I compete for “the stupid idea of the meal.” I present the Facebook Cemetery, which would be a Cemetery in Facebook where all of those who die are virtually buried and their money is distributed through their Facebook Will to their Facebook friends. Tom then replies with Shoveitall, a new revolutionary product that would fit into your throat and accelerate meals to accomodate to the perils of American life on the fast lane.

Video was shot in a Nokia E71. Shooting videos and taking pictures is the only thing that a Nokia E71 does better than an iPhone or a Blackberry.

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besanes on August 2, 2009  · 

I´ve had the same idea and I´m convinced it’s necessary…who wants to be a webghost? all your accounts;email, blogs, videos,pictures,users in networks, music etc…who is taking care of your weblife once you die? Probably I want somebody to keep it, as I’ve my father books.. I’m DEAD SERIOUS!!
Anyway, somebody told me similar web already exist.

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