I have wondered in previous posts why is it that America can be the wealthiest country in the world can also be the country with the most homeless people in the developed world.  This maybe an explanation.

The Alliance to End Homelessness, a public education nonprofit, based the findings of its report on numbers from Veterans Affairs and the Census Bureau. 2005 data estimated that 194,254 homeless people out of 744,313 on any given night were veterans.

I already mentioned how sad I think it is that USA, a country that has around 5% of the world´s population and is not seriously at risk,  should spend half of the money that is spent all over the world in the military.  But on top of that I think that there has to be something seriously wrong in the States if so many of those who have served their country end up sleeping on the streets begging to survive.  Other developed countries spend much less in the military, more on social services and have less homeless citizens.

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