In Europe, whether you fly privately or commercial, there is no WiFi on the plane.  In the USA there is always WiFi on the plane. It is not a luxury. Pay $7 and you are connected.

Ok, clearly I am a fan of WiFi and work at Fon, building the largest WiFi network in the world. Hence what I am going to say may sound like self promotion. But what saves me here is that Fon has nothing to do with providing WiFi on aircrafts and I have nothing to do with Gogo WiFi. So I can say it. Gogo WiFi is a revelation. It makes flying something more humane, less of a trauma. And it is not that I am afraid of flying. I am a pilot, but because I am a pilot I know that a plane is much safer if and when it has Internet. One thing is a pilot with a radar, another thing is a pilot with a radar and weather information as to what is behind the CBs that appear on the radar. Or think of that Air France plane that fell in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, had no internet and they could not know where it had fallen not even within a 500 mile accuracy. So not only is flying safer when everyone is connected  (9/11 could have been possibly or partly prevented) but it is much nicer!

Now when I fly I “connect”, I  work, or I chat with my wife Nina, with three out of my five kids (the older ones), with friends. I tweet, I Facebook, I blog (as this post) and I read the news. And I have to fly a lot in the USA these days, every Tuesday Miami NYC, every Thu or Fri back to Miami. And when I do, thanks to WiFi, time flies 🙂

Now can anyone please tell me when Europe will have WiFi on all flights? Or other continents?

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