Erepublik is a company co-founded by my friend Alexis Bonte, developing a “Massive Online Social Strategy Game”, half strategy game, half social network that has now more then 20,000 registered users, while still in private beta. Erepublik is another global start up managed from Madrid by a Non Spaniard or New Spaniards (immigrants like myself), others include Tuenti, Mobuzz,, Meneame, Fon and Hipertextual.

Erepublik is played on a accelerated browser based version of the real world (1 Erepublik month is like 4 years in real life). All citizens are real people interacting with each other as politicians, entrepreneurs, soldiers, journalists, etc. Their goal is to develop their own country’s economy, with politics, business or even war.

The company has just closed a new round of financing from top entrepreneurs and investors like Brent Hoberman (co-founder of and founder of and Stefan Glaenzer (Executive Chairman of Mendeley and Chairman of, along with AGF Private equity (one of the leading French Venture Capitalists).

Send me an e-mail to if you want to get an invite to try Erepublik.

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