martin-miguel.jpgEolia, the alternative energy company founded by my dear friend Miguel Salis Canosa and in which I was an early investor, is going public on Madrid’s stock exchange at a valuation between 800 and 900 million euros (according to the newspaper Expansión), an impressive success in less then 3 years.

Eolia was founded in 2004 as the first investment fund in Spain in renewable energy with financing from the investment bank Nmás1, Bankinter, BBK and Fonditel. In October last year Eolia completed the roll up of over 22 independent wind and solar development companies into a new company, which together with the assets of two previously launched funds (Eolia Mistral and Eolia Gregal), has resulted in the creation of the largest Spanish independent wind and solar electricity generation company, Eolia Renovables de Inversiones, of which Miguel is co founder and CEO.

Eolia controls 45 wind and solar projects in Spain and Mexico totalling around 1200 MWs in addition to a less developed project portfolio of close to 2000 MWs. They have recently signed an agreement to incorporate 150 MWs of French and German wind farms from a European company.

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