Dopplr, a company I have invested in, has created what they call a Personal Annual Report for their users. Dopplr is a social travel site that lets frequent travellers share future travel plans with friends and colleagues. The Personal Annual Report is a PDF that gives you interesting data and visualizations about your travels in the last year. They’ll send it next week to all their users via email.

To give an example they created a Personal Annual Report for somebody who traveled a lot last year, President Elect Barack Obama. You can download his report here.

Dopplr 2008 Personal Annual Report for Barack Obama

Your report will include Flickr images for the places you travelled to and a number of other information like other Dopplr users that travelled to the same places you did and an estimate of the carbon emissions generated by your travels. They chose a clever representation for the environmental impact of your travelling: they tell you how much CO2 you produced compared to the yearly output of a Hummer SUV.

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